Ibiza in the Winter – Lots of Shagging?

by Ibiza on February 27, 2011

“whats it like in the winter in Ibiza?”

..Is a question we get asked a lot. The answer is, well, a lot like the summer, only not as searingly hot, crazy crushingly busy, and you actually have time to catch up with friends and relax a bit. The island itself  is even more stunningly beautiful in the wintertime, from December until April the countryside is in full bloom with every colour flowers you can imagine swathed across the lush green countryside.

In short, lots of us here prefer the months of October to May, rather than the 3 months of summer that everybody else knows as “Ibiza”.  Here’s a cool new video made by the Pacha team about Ibiza wintertime, so what are you waiting for, hop on one of the cheap flights to Ibiza and see why we like it so much we moved here.

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