Ryanair Cancel Direct UK-Ibiza Winter Flights

by Ibiza on September 5, 2010

So it’s true, after previously actually stepping up the proposed flight schedule earlier in the year from 3 to 5 flights a week, in what is a severe blow to the island’s hopes of a sustainable winter tourist season Ryanair have suddenly canceled their entire direct (via Stansted) winter schedule to Ibiza for 2010 / 2011.

A friend who had booked a flight every fortnight from October until March has been emailed with all his flights canceled. It is as yet unclear as to exactly the reasons (although knowing Ryanair it will obviously be financial) but it has come as a surprise to all who hear of it, as these winter flights were always full, or very nearly full.

The service quickly became known as “The Ibiza bus” for it’s heavy regular use by Ibiza residents on and off the island over the winter period. Indeed, it was virtually impossible to travel on the flight without always meeting several people you know “commuting” back and forth for shopping, chores or just a quick break in the quieter winter season.

Speculation is rife about whether it is due to subsidies being cut by the Balearic government or just general Ryainair greed, but it’s no speculation to say the ease and comparative value of this route will be sorely missed by locals and residents with a need to travel to the UK out of season.

What won’t be missed is Ryanair’s almost fascist daylight robbery tactics regarding the extra 40.00 GBP required if you don’t manage to print your boarding card 4 hours before departure or their outrageous 40.00GBP extra hand-luggage charges (one piece of hand luggage only, please) .. a carrier bag too? another Forty pounds please..”

But when all was said and done, and once you were sat in your seat on the plane and they were therefore unable to forcibly rob you any more after that point, nobody could argue that  pounds per mile, ultimately they did supply good value.

The new Ibiza winter travel alternative now means an island hop to Mallorca via one of the Spanish carriers, and then a flight from there to Gatwick, possibly on the new Monarch flights. This will add approx 50.00-70.00GBP and 3-4 hours travel in either direction to the journey.

So it’s one of those situations really, although we have lost count of the amount of people who got off a Ryanair flight swearing “never again” – ourselves included last winter, we’re still sorry to see them go, because a lack of direct flights to and from the island is regrettable, and for many was always a truly last option if really desperate.

So, to all @ Ryanair -  F*** you too.


The Ibiza Alliance.

Update 10 Oct :

Ryanair to Fly twice weekly Ibiza-Stansted 2010 / 2011

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